“We do care,” Police & NAACP host relationship discussion ahead of homecoming


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Thursday night, relationships between police and community relations were a topic of discussion at Indiana State University.

The Terre Haute Chapter of the NAACP, along with the Indiana State University Police Department, held an event called “4-1-1 on the 5-0.”

This event was set up weeks ago in advance of homecoming celebrations However, this week’s violence was still a timely part of the discussion.

Officers were on hand to talk to students and staff about their rights, and how to interact with officers.

Organizers say it’s important to understand what each side of an interaction goes through.

“It’s important today with all the things going on that they know how to talk to police officers and not escalate situations, but deescalate the situation so everybody can go home safely,” said Errick Heron, the Treasurer of ISU’s chapter of the NAACP.

“We are trying to bridge a gap to let students know that you know, these are things you can do to avoid situations. And, we’re also letting them know that, ‘Hey, we do care,” said ISU Police Department Detective Sergeant Wendell McCollough. “We just don’t want to be out here arresting people. We want to make sure you’re safe and you’re okay.”

McCollough says he encourages police to have these kinds of conversations with community members to foster a safe environment.

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