Drop and give me 22, push-up challenge aims to save lives of veterans


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Move over ice buckets, there’s a new challenge taking social media by storm.

We’re talking about push-ups. Drop and give me twenty-two. The task, which has gone viral, is designed to bring attention to a tragic statistic. This as September marks National Suicide Prevention Awareness.

“It’s a very serious subject, but this is kind of a fun way to approach it,” said William Little. He is the Military Veteran Program Coordinator at Hamilton Center Inc.

Little was also part of the military for twenty-two years. “We’ll give the shirt off our back to another person, but a lot of times when we need help we’re reluctant to reach out.”

The #22pushupchallenge involves completing twenty-two push-ups for twenty-two days. On Friday afternoon, Little invited community members to band together by streaming the entire push-up event live on facebook.

“We’re missing an opportunity to connect with people. We’re missing an opportunity to see that there is a person in need,” he said.

Fighting the stigma surrounding the psychological trauma of war, push-ups for vets have gone viral. To the newest cadets of the Indiana State Police, members of our own News 10 crew are also getting in on the action, even local representatives are taking the mission to heart.

“Being involved in the veterans’ court, it was the perfect opportunity for me to do something extra and bring awareness to this issue. Awareness saves lives and that’s the bottom line,” said Judge John Roach, with Division One of the Vigo County Superior Court.

Why the number 22? Well sadly, that’s how many veterans commit suicide every day. “It definitely hits hard when it’s someone you know personally. Even though, they don’t seem to be struggling more than likely there’s a lot more than they are leading on,” said Staff Sergeant Steven Brown, who participated in the challenge.

It’s not a show of strength but instead an act of compassion, to send a simple but live-saving message. “We want those people to know, if they are struggling, reach out and look for help,” said Little.

If you or someone you know is living with PTSD there are counseling and therapy services available. You can call Hamilton Center Inc. at (812) 231-8323.