Friday Football Food Drive takes on Rockville


ROCKVILLE, Ind. (WTHI) – As the high school football season rolls on, so do the rivalries, in the grocery store!

In addition to contests on the playing field, Wabash Valley high schools are competing to see who can collect the most food for News 10 and Pepsi’s Friday Football Food Drive.

This week, Ross Rowling talked to some key players in helping feed the hungry!

The Friday Football Food Drive takes a little different turn this week.

We’re at Rockville Elementary I’m with 17 members of the student council here joined by Peyton and Lily who headed up this project.

The elementary school collecting canned goods all week long for this week’s Friday Football Food Drive of course put on by Pepsi for Catholic Charities.


Peyton how fun has this been for you?

Peyton: “It’s been really fun.”


What do you like about it?

Peyton: “I think it’s been really cool that we get to collect food for charities.”


Like Catholic Charities, Lily you’re the president, was this part of your idea?

Lily: “It just kind of came to us because we knew that the Rockville High School was doing it, so we figured we should chip in a little.”


Is it neat to know that the things you’re collecting could go to your friends and neighbors and people in your own community that are in need?

Lily: “I think it’s very neat because I know some people that could use some extra food that they don’t have.”


What about you Peyton?

Peyton: “Yes, because kind of like she said, there’s people around the world and in our state that don’t get what they need.”


They’re starting at a young age here in Rockville. They’ve got the right idea. You can see all the kids behind me. They’re all holding up food. There’s food lining the windows. Lots of food for Catholic Charities here in Rockville.