Happiness Bag rolls out capital campaign to expand

(WTHI Photo, Tony Kassissieh)
(WTHI Photo, Tony Kassissieh)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Happiness Bag is the Wabash Valley’s only recreational and educationally-oriented facility solely designed for adults & children with disabilities.

The number of individuals going there has only grown over the years.

Now, the facility is looking to relieve some of the growing pains.

Jodi Moan has made a lot of memories with Happiness Bag.

Moan says, “I’ve been a part of this organization for thirty years. This was supposed to be a part-time summer job and I’m still here.”

Now, Moan is the Executive Director, overseeing the daily activities of dozens of people with different needs.

There’s just one problem.

Moan says, “We have outgrown this current facility, and we don’t want to leave this facility. This is our home. So we are just going to make this bigger.”

Moan says Happiness Bag is forming a capital campaign.

Within that are plans to build another gym for various activities, an expanded kitchen for meal prep and to teach cooking, more office space for employees, and a computer lab to be used by all attending Happiness Bag.

But obviously, there’s a price tag on the project.

Moan says, “We’re doing our campaign in phases. So for our first phase, our dollar amount is around $750,000 and we will add to that two additional phases as we progress.”

That’s where the India Association comes in.

Supplying a $40,000 donation to get the campaign rolling.

Association President Dipen Shah is glad to donate to a cause that will directly help the community.

Shah says, “They can go to Happiness Bag and learn something important. Things for their lifestyle. Talking, playing, or cooking, or learning the computer is very important in their life.”

Volunteers from the India Association will also help set up the computer lab once materials are bought.

Moan says after all the happiness those attending give her, she’s excited to pursue such a fulfilling project.

Moan says, “This is their family this is my family. So anything we can do to make their lives more worthwhile and to give them back some of what they’re giving us, then it’s a win-win.”

All three phases of the capital campaign will cost a total of $5 million.

If you would like to get involved with Happiness Bag’s expansion project or with the organization in general, Moan says it is best to contact the organization directly.

You can do so by calling: (812) 234-8867.