Doctor talks fight against breast cancer


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Community members had the chance Wednesday night to learn more about what’s happening with the fight against breast cancer.

It’s a topic Gwen Hicks is passionate about and works to bring an end to.

“One in eight women will be diagnosed,” Hicks said. “80 percent of women diagnosed have no family history. We have two daughters, I now have 3 granddaughters, and my goal is to make that a faint memory in their lives.”

Doctor Michael Linver is an expert in the fight against breast cancer.

He speaks to groups to shine a light on the topic.

Linver says to him, there’s no question about annual screenings.

“In my mind and in those of us who work in the field of breast imaging, there’s no confusion at all,” Linver said. “We know that mammography unequivocally works. There are thousands of studies throughout the world that prove it. But it only works if women come in on a regular basis beginning at age 40 every year it works the best.”

Linver says the newest technology for mammograms is called tomosynthesis.

He says it’s changing the field of screening.

“Basically it’s a 3D mammogram that allows us to look through the breast in one millimeter slices,” Linver said.

“So these small cancers that were being missed before with regular 2-d mammograms, we are now able to find with dramatic efficiency.”

Through shining a light on the disease through speakers and events, Hicks has high hopes for the future end of breast cancer.

“The incredible leaps in treatment and survival rates have expanded, so that makes me think, and the new medication, that boy we’re really turning the corner and there will be a cure within my lifetime,” Hicks said. “I truly believe that.”

The tomosynthesis technology is actually available at Union Hospital.

You can learn more about it by calling the Clara Fairbanks Center for Women at Union Hospital.

That number is 812-238-7766.