Report It Wrap: 100 Steps Cemetery

100 Steps

CLAY COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – We’re into October, which means it’s time for some ghost stories.

Jade Scott and Chris Essex from our digital team went to a well-known location in Clay County for what many call a haunted hot spot.

This just might be one of the best known, most visited…and well…all around creepiest. Legend says if you count 100 Steps to the top…you might just receive an eerie message.

We are of course talking about Cloverland Cemetery…or as it’s better known, 100 Steps.

We met up with David White and Chris Eberlein from The PATH Paranormal Investigations to hear some of their creepy experiences.

The legend behind 100 Steps says you are supposed to count the steps on your way to the top. Once you get to 100, you’re supposed to meet the original caretaker between the two trees at the top.

That caretaker will give you a vision on how you are supposed to die.

You turn around and go back down, and if you count a different amount of steps you counted on your way up…the vision will come true. If you count 100 going back down, it was a false vision.

The truth is, however, Chris and David have had creepy experiences at 100 Steps…but the steps didn’t seem to be a part of it.

In fact, they count less than 90.

That doesn’t mean they don’t have what they believe to be evidence of hauntings.

“I was back here recording, and I heard some noise…and I thought it was one of my fellow investigators, they said no. We could hear what sounded like a little child,” Chris said.

They shared an audio recording with us that say sounds like a child saying “Matches…I should go to sleep now.”

“It sounded like she said matches, I should go to sleep now,” David said. “It really didn’t make sense at the time.”

The guys have a theory but weren’t able to track down any evidence of where they thought the voice came from.

The big question is do they believe this cemetery is haunted?

Well, on the topic of the actual steps…

“The Original caretaker popping up? I did the actual walk up and walk own and didn’t get anywhere near the 100,” Chris said.

But when it comes to other hauntings…

“Of course I was the one that heard the children laughing and giggling, but yeah, it’s an interesting place.”

The PATH has over an hour and a half of video from 100 Steps. Check out the embedded below.

One important thing we want to share…the cemetery closes at dusk, so don’t head out there without permission. We don’t want you getting hurt or in trouble.

If you want to learn more about The PATH and their investigations, check out their Facebook page right here.