It’s time to start “thinking leaves!”


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Kids will soon be playing in piles of freshly fallen leaves.

But once the fun is over, it’s up to you and the city to make sure those leaves are moved.

City Transportation Director, Brad Miller, says the leaf pick up system started back in the ‘80’s.

That’s when the city implemented a leaf burning ban.

So if you can’t burn your leaves, what should a resident do to make sure your leaves are taken care of?

The city asks that residents rake their leaves to the tree row.

Pick up this year will start in the southern part of town, and work to the north end.

If you don’t want to wait for pickup, you can bag the leaves and put them out with your trash to be picked up.

Bags will be available closer to November first.

Miller says that is their target date to begin picking up leaves.

However, he says that date could be delayed depending on Mother Nature.

Miller can’t stress enough how important it is to not rake your leaves into the street.

That’s because they could have a negative effect on the sewer system.

Miller says, “It gets debris, sticks, leaves, and everything else in the sewer system. It slows down the flow in the sewer system. Plus, all that debris ends up down at the sewage treatment plant, and they don’t like to treat leaves, and sticks, and everything else that should’ve been put in the tree row but were put in the street instead.”

Miller says leaf pick up requires most of the man-power in his department.

The process takes about three months to complete depending on how much snow the city gets.

As soon as the city officially decides when leaf pick up will start, we will pass that information on to you at home!

You can also find the information on the city’s website, or by calling 311.