Group holds Women for Trump rally in Terre Haute


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – There are 26 days until the general election.

Some organizations use this final stretch to campaign on behalf of candidates.

One group met on Wednesday in Terre Haute to support Donald Trump.

There was a Women for Trump event held at Pizza City.

The Trump Campaign Indiana State Director, Suzanne Jaworowski and Chairman Rex Early were there.

They provided a campaign status update and answered voter questions.

“Democrats found an 11-year-old video or something, where Trump said something demeaning toward women but you know, he was probably just trying to be funny with a bunch of guys…who knows?” Early said.

“We want to talk about unity…we want to talk about national security issues…economic issues…and the Supreme Court and stick to the real issues that matter and not silly things like what someone might have said 11 years ago in private conversation,” Jaworowski added.

Early tells us he’s interested in Vigo County because of its Bellwether history.