Council takes action on proposed 33% sewer rate increase


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Terre Haute City Council voted to table to proposed 33 percent sewer rate increase Thursday.

The sewer rate increase comes as an option after the highly opposed storm water fee was voted down.

Council and audience members heard more information about the proposed increase.

All before council members needed to take action.

The increased rates are to help fund the long term control plan.

That plan is mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency.

City officials continue to say revenue needs to be made in order to show the city can pay back potential bonds for the necessary projects.

Council members decided to table the proposed 33 percent increase for now.

Mayor Duke Bennett says that’s OK as long as progress continues to be made.

“We’ve had some really good meetings the last few days, but there’s so much data,” Bennett said. “There really is and I understand that. The more they ask, the deeper we go with some of this. So it makes perfect sense. I have no problem with that at all. I think we’re making some pretty good progress behind the scenes.”

Last week a hybrid plan of a sewer rate increase and a storm water fee was proposed.

Mayor Bennett says they’re still working on that.

He expects to present the plan at next month’s city council meetings.

Now it’s important to note again that the government could ultimately come in and set rates if a decision isn’t made.

Bennett says tabling the topic this month shouldn’t impact that as long as we continue to move forward.