Judge determines Major Davis ‘not competent’ to stand trial for murder of IMPD officer


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – A judge has determined that the man accused of murdering the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department Officer Perry Renn is not competent at this time to stand trial.

A judge ruled Major Davis Jr. was not competent on Friday morning.

Davis will be taken to a secure state facility.

Davis is charged with murdering Officer Perry Renn back in July 2014 at 34th Street and Forest Manor Avenue.

Davis faces the death penalty if convicted. The Marion County Prosecutor Terry Curry said this case has two aggravating circumstances that support a death penalty case: that Davis killed Renn while Renn was on duty as a police officer, and that the murder was motivated by an act Renn performed while acting in the course of his duty as an officer.

In January, Davis filed a lawsuit that claimed IMPD officers used excessive force by shooting Davis in the back of the head, abdomen and back. A judge threw out the lawsuit in February.