Animal shelter needs your help after potential hoarding case

Parke Vermillion

VERMILLION COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A Wabash Valley animal shelter asks for help tonight after animals were taken from a hoarding situation.

Multiple cats, dogs and birds were removed from deplorable conditions in Vermillion County.

56 cats, 26 birds and 10 dogs were removed from a hoarding situation in Dana.

The cats and dogs now call the Parke Vermillion County Humane Society their home.

Shelter Manager Janine Ostrum says it’s the worst she’s ever seen.

“We have worked a few cases in the time that I’ve been here,” Ostrum said. “This by far is the largest amount of animals we’ve ever taken in at one time.”

Workers are now tending to the overload of animals.

Making sure they’re fed, clean and nursed back to health.

“Unfortunately the cat population due to the environment and the way they were being housed, there’s quite a bit of upper respiratory infection going on, quite a bit of ring worm infection and other parasites such as fleas and coccidia.”

Ostrum says due to the intake their numbers went up by more than half.

She says the increase puts a strain on them, and that’s why they’re asking for some help.

“We would definitely welcome any kind of donations of food, cat canned food, dry food,” Ostrum said. “Dog food, canned and dry food. We can use things like litter boxes, bowls, litter, bedding.”

For now the animals at the shelter will remain there as the case is still under investigation.

But Ostrum says they’ll work to find these animals forever homes as soon as they can.

“We definitely feel a majority of them are adoptable,” Ostrum said. “The dogs in particular were in better shape than the cats. So definitely once they’ve been released to us for adoption well be placing them as soon as we’re able and as soon as they’re healthy.”

The birds taken in this case are being cared for at a specialized bird facility.

If you are able to help with supplies, you are asked to contact the shelter at 765-492-3540 or email them at

According to the Vermillion County Sheriff’s Office, no arrests have been made yet.

We will continue to follow this story and bring you more information as soon as it becomes available.