Celebrating the work of a local leader


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Community members celebrate the accomplishments of one local man.

Pat Martin has lived and worked in Terre Haute for decades. Now, he will help develop another community.

The event at the Swope Art Museum Tuesday night was all about Martin.

Environmental cleanup, art expansion, and river revitalization – for Martin, his work is about more than a personal legacy. “I work for the citizens. This is their town. They live here. They work here. They pay taxes here. They grew up here. They’re raising their children here. I’m working for them. That’s what it’s all about, making it a better environment for everybody here,” said Martin.

He served as Terre Haute’s Chief Planner for several years. Martin says his goal was to build on Terre Haute’s potential.

“When I grew up here in 1950’s and 1960’s, we had a lot of industry, traditional smoke stacks. At the time, that was good, but years later, turned out to be contamination,” said Martin.

So, he helped develop the city’s first brownfield protocol, to clean up that contamination.

But his community involvement runs deeper than that.

“Create the arts corridor, assist the Swope with its growth and attracting new audience and new generations.”

Martin says getting to this point took a leap of faith, public involvement, and a lot of trial and error. “You can’t accomplish everything. but you can always be better is what I want to say. But, I can honestly say, I left Terre Haute a better place than I found it when I was born here.”

Martin will be Bloomington’s Transportation Planner. He says he’ll still be involved with organizations and events here in Terre Haute.