Indiana State Excise Police arrest 24 at Covered Bridge Festival for counterfeit items

(WTHI File Photo)
(WTHI File Photo)

PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – Indiana State Excise Police have made two dozen arrests at the Parke County Covered Bridge Festival.

Officials report all of the arrests have been for counterfeit items that were being sold in Mansfield.

The counterfeit items ranged from jackets to purses to hats all of various ‘brand names.’ The Parke County Sheriff’s Office reports the arrests happened around 10 a.m. on Wednesday and more than 1,000 items were confiscated.

It was also noted that this was a year long investigation and was driven by citizen complaints from last year.

The  24 people were arrested and taken to the Parke County Jail.

Xuxiang Yang, 34, of Chicago, IL

Wei Cheng, 59, of Chicago, IL

Huiquan Qiu, 40, of Chicago, IL

Fina Zhang, 47, of Flushing, NY

Lin Xiaoqiong, 27 of Flushing, NY

Yiqiad Wang, 25, Flushing, NY

Xiaomei Ke, 49, Flushing, NY

Jian Chen, 36, of Flushing, NY

Cheng Yu, 47, of Flushing, NY

Chang Wang, 59, of College Point, NY

Na Xing, 29, of Chicago, IL

Michael Barry, 18, Lake Forest, IL

Samuel Pickering, 20, of Burbank, IL

Jarad Wazeen, 22, of Chicago, IL

Guohueshi Shi, 58, of Chicago, IL

Zekeriya Teke, 55, Stroudsburg, PA

Asharf Sailveh, 25, Bridgeview, IL

Chen Long, 26, College Point, NY

Lehni Zheng, 24 of New York, NY

Chong Zhang, 54, White Stone, NY

Chin Mai Ying of White Stone, NY

Xiang Yan Hu, 44, of Stafford, TX

Jian Sheng Chen, 59, Trenton, MI

Zu Jing Zhang, 43, of New York, NY