Terre Haute developer buys several Hulman & Co. properties

gibson buys hulman property
gibson buys hulman property

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Terre Haute developer Greg Gibson confirmed to News 10 he purchased multiple properties from Hulman & Co. This includes buying Forest Park, located in northeastern Vigo County.

“We had a successful transaction with the Terre Haute House,” Gibson recalled in a News 10 interview that took place inside the Hilton Garden Inn.  That, of course, is the hotel that now stands where the Terre Haute House once stood. Gibson’s interview came nearly 11 years to the day when asbestos removal was completed at the Terre Haute House, clearing the way for demolition.

“Then, I eventually bought the property where the state office is,” Gibson said. “So, it was just natural for our discussion to continue.”

Gibson talked about another connection with the Hulmans, that he and Tony Hulman George were childhood friends. Gibson said he knew Hulman & Co. were looking to sell various properties around town, and he made a lump sum offer on some that interested him.  Besides Forest Park, Gibson also purchased property at Brown and Ohio Boulevard, Ohio and Fruitridge Avenue, State Roads 42 and 46, and along State Road 46 south of Village Quarter.

“Of course, it’s not my plan to just sit on these properties,” Gibson added.  “But at the same time I have no definite plans right now.”

Gibson admitted he’s very sentimental about his hometown of Terre Haute and Vigo County, citing he chose to stay here and raise his family. That’s part of the motivation behind these purchases, plus he felt it was important that someone with roots in the community purchased these properties.