Push continues to keep Terre Haute beautiful


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – You didn’t have to look far to find a piece of trash along 14th street in Terre Haute.

That’s one reason Keep Terre Haute Beautiful is targeting the Ryves neighborhood this weekend.

Jane Santucci with Keep Terre Haute Beautiful says they’re already working to recruit volunteers.

“We have been for the past week or so engaging with the residents in Ryves neighborhood, knocking on their door, hanging out with them, letting them know about the clean-up,” Santucci said. “And the kids, when we hand them the little flyer, they are so excited.”

Santucci says the community clean-up effort has been going on for quite some time.

Hopes are by holding these events that keeping the streets clean becomes common practice.

“That’s not something that happens overnight and we understand that,” Santucci said. “So we’re really going to see about looking, making a long term commitment about holding our clean ups focused on in this area. Now we do want to mention that does have a larger area that they’re focusing on.”

Santucci says they hope to have around 300 volunteers for the clean-up event.

And says no matter what the weather, they show up to get things done.

“Get your long sleeves on, your sweater on, don’t wear your nicest clothes because you might get dirty,” Santucci said. “But you really just pick up stuff and it’s actually really fun.”

Santucci says through this event they hope to show people they care so that others will care too.

“You want to live in a community that people appreciate and show support for. So this is part of that.”

The Keep Terre Haute Beautiful event starts at 8:30 this Saturday morning.

You can learn more by visiting their website.

Santucci says there will also be dumpsters available for the community to utilize to throw unwanted things away. That information can also be found on their website.