Get the house ready for winter


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The leaves will fall and the snow will soon follow.

That means you need to make sure your furnace is up to snuff to effectively heat the house.

HVAC expert and Paitson Bros. Heat and Air Conditioning Service Technician Bob Miller says you need to clean the furnace before using if it’s been off for a while.

“You can get spiders that make nests in there, you can get some dust and dirt accumulated on your burners,” explained Miller. “Any time that starts heating up, you may get a smell of something burning.”

One thing that should always be clean is the air filter. Unclean filters can make both your gas and electric bills rise by a third of the normal price.

They can also create uneven heating across the home among many other problems.

“A dirty filter will cause damage to your furnace and it will make your heating and air conditioning or…your gas bills and electric bills go higher,”

Miller tells customers to check out their filter once a month for any build-up. Light should still be able to pass through the material. Keeping the thermostat properly powered is also key to stay cozy this winter.

“When the batteries are getting weak, you may push the screen, it may come on, it may go off,” said Miller. “Your battery may have just enough power that it could light up the screen, but it might not be enough to bring on your furnace, so there could be a problem.”

You should close registers to rooms like closets that you won’t be using often. Just keep in mind ventilation will be very poor and will take a while to heat if needed.

You should contact always contact heating and ventilation professionals for furnace and thermostat issues.