How much food is trashed at ISU? One group wants to raise awareness


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – The Indiana State University campus held a sustainability day.

One of the areas of focus on Tuesday was food and food waste.

Dietitian students weighed the amount of food waste from one of the campus dining halls.

More than 100 pounds of food was not consumed during breakfast alone.

Organizers said holding a day of events can help make people aware.

“I don’t think they realize when they come in and load up their tray and then decide they don’t want to eat it all, which is fine, but then we throw it away and I think that when they see these types of initiatives we educate them and that’s really the whole point of the program,” Food services manager Teresa Gardiner said.

Other initiatives held on on Tuesday included talking about recycling and careers in sustainability.