$33 million in renovations set to begin


CLAY CITY, Ind. (WTHI) – Shovels were in the ground Wednesday outside of Clay City Junior Senior High School.

The ceremonial dig marks the beginning of major renovations.

Superintendent Jeff Fritz says they’re carefully thought out projects.

“A couple years ago we did a feasibility study,” Fritz said. “And during the feasibility study they kind of looked at the things we needed, looked at the things, you know, as far as education we needed, community wise, and athletic. And that feasibility study, this is what we’ve come up with.”

Clay City will gain a new music center, a new student activity center, a completely refurbished interior, a revamped office space and many other projects.

Fritz says it’s time for some work to be done seeing as their secondary school buildings have been around since the 1980’s.

“These are needs we have,” Fritz said. “These buildings are 30 years old. No different than your home. It’s time to remodel. It’s time to enhance. It’s time to build on some more rooms. That’s where we’re at.”

In total, the school system says the renovations will cost around $33 million for the projects at all three schools.

Superintendent Fritz says he isn’t worried about the price tag.

“Our budget, we’re a very sound school system,” Fritz said. “Our elementary project just went off the books and we’ll get those paid off. So right now we have no debt to speak of, so this is a really good time.”

Fritz adds the anticipation of having these newly redone and new areas is creating a buzz among the school communities.

Very excited, very positive. Our students, especially our younger ones know they’ll get to enjoy this. Our teachers that are planning on being here are extremely excited.”

The biggest project taking place is at north view.

Fritz tells us all the renovations should begin in November.

The overall project is expected to be complete in February 2019.