Kids learn about healthy habits ahead of holiday filled with treats


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A group of organizations in the Valley wants kids to know behind healthy doesn’t have to be scary.

Wednesday evening, the Terre Haute Children’s Museum held the Healthy Halloween Spooktacular.

Kids dressed in costumes, and went through more than 20 activity stations.

There was a first aid boo-boo station and teddy bear clinic. That’s in addition to a monster mash dance party, and spooky music making.

The Terre Haute Fire Department talked about fire safety.

The goal was to mix fun with a healthy message.

“Halloween is the perfect time of year to eat rotten things and we want to show them at an early age that it’s okay to eat an apple instead of a candy bar or eat some pretzels instead of candy corn. It’s okay to have those things, but it’s also important to have a nice, healthy, balanced diet,” said Jack Jaeger, Director of the RHIC Simulation Center.

The program was put together by the Rural Health Innovation Collaboration, the Pomeroy Wellness Program, and several community organizations.