“Neither victim nor his apartment were selected randomly” THPD provides details in homicide of Matt Luecking

Village Quarter death

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – During a press conference held by the Terre Haute Police Department, with assistance from the Prosecutor’s Office, an update was given in regards to the Matt Luecking homicide investigation.

On Monday, police found Matt Luecking dead inside of his apartment on Jackboot Court in the Village Quarter apartment complex. According to the coroner’s office, the cause of Luecking’s death was blunt force trauma to the head.

On Monday evening, officials arrested John Collins for murder in Parke County where he was located with Luecking’s stolen vehicle. Early Tuesday morning, police arrested Benjamin J. Selig, 28 of Rockville, on a preliminary charge of assisting a criminal as well as Kathleen E. Featherstone, 25 of Terre Haute, for felony murder, robbery and burglary.

In regards to the fourth suspect, Don Featherstone, THPD Assistant Chief Keen report they began a local search for him once he was identified as a suspect in this case.

They determined that Don Featherstone was a truck driver and he was no longer in the area. He was located in the area outside of Chicago where he was hospitalized with self-inflicted wounds.

On Tuesday evening a warrant was issued for the arrest of Don Featherstone in connection to Luecking’s death and then on Wednesday, investigators with the Terre Haute Police Department went to Kane County to speak with Don Featherstone.

At this time he has not waived extradition.

Asst. Chief Keen then spoke on events leading up to the murder as well as what they believe was motivation. He stated they do not believe this was a random act.

“Neither the victim nor his apartment were selected randomly,” Keen stated. “The victim did absolutely nothing out of the ordinary or in any way that would explain why this was done to him.”

In regards to the victims, Keen explained that neither John Collins nor Kathleen Featherstone had any prior relationship with Matt Luecking nor had they ever even had a conversation with him. Keen said they were involved in this crime for profit.

As to the motive for Don Featherstone in regards to this crime, Keen explained he had previously been involved with Matt Luecking’s girlfriend. There were a number of actions taken by Don Featherstone in the year leading up to the death of Matt Luecking.

Keen also reported that Don Featherstone had been following the victim from his girlfriend’s house and back to his apartment. They also report that Don Featherstone made random trips to the parking lot to see if Luecking’s vehicle was there.

Asst. Chief Keen stated they believe Don Featherstone wanted to re-initiate his relationship with his former girlfriend who Matt Luecking was involved with.

This is an on-going investigation. The three suspects who are currently in the Vigo County Jail (Collins, K. Featherstone and Selig) are scheduled to appear in court Friday morning.

News 10 will continue to follow this story and bring you the latest when information becomes available.