Health Officials Say Enjoy Halloween Treats in Moderation

Local Health Officials urge kids and parents to eat Halloween candy in moderation.
Local Health Officials urge kids and parents to eat Halloween candy in moderation.

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – How much Halloween candy is too much?

Kids and some parents may say you can never have enough!

Amanda Mumford is a mom of four, so she’s guaranteed to be in a house full of sugar by the end of trick-or-treating.

Her take on Halloween may sound like a lot of parents in the Wabash Valley.

Mumford says, “Halloween just comes once a year, so you have to kind of, let go a little bit.”

Just to be safe, News 10’s spoke with local health officials to get their take.

You might not believe it, but they aren’t as strict as you’d think!

Doctor George Fritch of Union Hospital says, “I think it is okay to splurge a little bit. But, I would say just make sure you use common sense.”

Orthodontist Ted Kula says, “I encourage participating in Halloween and eating candy and all of that good stuff, just be responsible.”

This means checking the candy that’s filling your child’s bucket.

Fritch says, “Just because certain candy bars may not have peanuts, or soy, or milk in them, sometimes they’re produced in factories that do use soy, peanuts, and milk. So always make sure that you read the ingredients.”

Making sure the candy bucket isn’t emptying out too quickly is important too.

Fritch says, “We’ll get tons of calls from parents, saying like, ‘My kid threw up from eating the whole bucket of candy at once.”

As for your teeth, Kula says it’s best to eat your candy near a meal, and to keep up your child’s regular dental routine.

Kula says, “Please, please, please, brush your teeth after you eat candy! That’s really important! The last thing you do at night, brush your teeth.”

So if the buckets are overflowing in your home, you could try Mumford’s approach.

She says, “We’ll fill a large Ziploc baggy and the rest, we’ll donate it to others somewhere else. If they’re eating a lot, I’ll hide it.”

Dentistry Just for Kids is looking to take some of that extra candy off of your kids’ hands.

They’re holding a Candy Buy Back event November 1st from 3 p.m. to 7 p.m.

Those treats will be sent to troops overseas.

They are taking unopened candy, and will pay a dollar per pound for up to five pounds.

Their office is located at 1107 Ohio Street in Terre Haute.