One on one interview with Vigo County School Board President Paul Lockhart


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – When the investigation into the Vigo County School Corporation began in May, many of you wondered why our school board members didn’t step up and say more then.

School Board President Paul Lockhart sat down with News 10’s Patrece Dayton for a one on one interview.

Patrece: How could the school board not know something was going on?

Lockhart: It was not on our radar…no…we were not…I don’t know of ay board member who had suspected this activity was going on…no.

Patrece: As a school board, you being a prime representative of the board…what is the reaction of the board?

Lockhart: There’s frustration, disappointment, anger…this is taking resources away from our children

Patrece: The swift and decisive action you took yesterday was to terminate the two gentlemen. They are not guilty until proven guilty and yet you guys chose to terminate them?

Lockhart: I think anyone who reads the entire document will be compelled to believe we are taking to correct them.

Both Fennell and Shahadey are what is called at will employees.

That means the board can choose at will to fire them if they deem necessary.

They are not protected by any contracts or bargaining agreements.