Ballot remorse? What you need to know about changing your vote

(WOOD file)
(WOOD file)

VIGO COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – The countdown is on. Just four days until the final results are in.

Thousands across the Wabash Valley have already cast their ballot, but what if you have early voters’ remorse? “Indiana is pretty clear. You cannot change your vote,” said Dave Crockett, Vigo County Clerk.

The local office has been fielding lots of calls. A Google search for “change early voting” has also spiked in recent weeks. This follows new reports, which center on an FBI investigation into Hillary Clinton’s emails. Opponent Donald trump is using the opportunity to make a pitch to early voters. The republican nominee now urging democrats to head back to the polls.

“A lot of candidates say a lot of things and you have to question whether any of it’s true, all of it’s true, or none of it’s true,” said Crockett.

You’re pretty much stuck with that first choice. Unless you live in one of seven states, then you may have an out. However, there’s no do-over’s in the Hoosier state. “It’s a pretty rare instance where a person would want to go back and change their mind once they cast their vote,” said Crockett.

In fact, many have already made their decision. As of late afternoon on Friday more than 15,000 people have cast ballots in Vigo County.

“The big thing is they’re getting out to vote, which isn’t really something that’s happened a lot in the past. Hopefully, this will carry on in the future,” said Crockett.

The courthouse will be open on Saturday. You can stop by between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. Early voting will conclude on Monday at noon.