Danny Etling honoring Cam Taylor at LSU


LOUISIANA (WTHI) – Every time Danny Etling takes to the field at LSU, a part of Terre Haute does as well.

“It’s something near and dear to my heart,” said the LSU quarterback. “Something I don’t talk about a lot.  I’m very proud to wear it.”

Etling is proud to wear his number 16 jersey. The 16 is more than a number to the LSU QB, it’s the number one of his best friends from Terre Haute Cam Taylor wore while playing soccer at Terre Haute North.

Danny lost his good friend in 2012 when Cam had a seizure while sleeping and passed away.  “When we saw him on TV wearing 16, it felt good,” said Cam’s dad Mark Taylor. “We all realized why he was wearing it. Makes us all proud that Cam is still remembered.”

Etling will tell you he’s not just trying to honor Cam, but be like him. “Hopefully I’m doing him proud,” said Etling. “Continue to wear that number with pride”.

Danny Etling will play in the biggest game of his career on Saturday. His 13th ranked LSU Tigers host number one Alabama. Since taking over as the Tigers starting QB,  the former Terre Haute South Brave is 4-1 this season, with seven touchdowns and three interceptions.