Ashes lost during move found in Florida


(WTNH) — Ashes lost in a move have been found. Liz Clark moved from Connecticut to Florida. The moving company lost 10 of her boxes, including the one with her father’s ashes in it.

After the story aired on News 8, viewers heard the name Excellent Choice Movers and realized their friends in Naples, Florida used the same moving company. Turns out, Corrine and Roy Gerson had just moved from Danbury and had the ashes!

“I just knew that if I held onto it, that it would be OK, and there was no way I was going to let go of that stuff because of the ashes, it just laid on my heart,” said Corrine Gerson.

Both say they used Excellent Choice Movers and when the boxes showed up at Corrine’s home, the cardboard was damaged, broken apart and repacked without labels and the urn had come apart, leaving ashes all over the walkway and front step.

“The movers were literally like they were throwing footballs they were throwing the boxes and I was so stressed. The lead mover said to me somewhere throughout the boxes coming in, he said I think I might have ruined your sand collection,” said Gerson.

We talked to a representative at the moving company, she blames the boxes.

“Let me tell you what happened, they used Home Depot boxes. There’s nothing we can do, it is their word against ours,” she said.

Even though most of her father’s ashes are gone, Clark is relieved to get some back.

“Relief. I wish I could get all of my stuff and it’s just amazing,” said Clark.

Now, Roy and Corrine are asking for the public’s help to try and find their things that went missing. Jewelry, antique furniture and old photos. Roy says the moving company didn’t deliver all of their stuff, as well.

“I am really happy for Liz and I’m happy for my wife because she did the right thing, but yet I’m wondering what’s going to happen to us, I need someone to come forward for us pay it forward,” said Roy.