Defend your home against wintertime pests


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Pest control managers expect higher mouse and insect populations headed into winter.

That means your home will need to be ready once temps start to actually feel like November. The insects are still out, but they’ll be searching for a warm house once the cold hits.

Action Pest Control Manager Justin Summers says that calls for insect control are a little high for this time of year.

“We are starting to see an increased amount of Brown Marmorated Stinkbugs this year but a lot of people are concerned with the Ladybugs,” said Summers. “I think we’re going to have a higher amount of insect activity going into winter.”

Using a silicone sealant and window screen patch will better help keep the bugs out, but you’ll need something a little stronger to keep mice away.

“If you can fit the tip of a pen or pencil into an opening, they [mice] can get through,” explained Summers. “I would mix up a little bit of mortar and try to mortar the cracks. also, you could put in a little bit of steel wool stuff-it type of mesh.”

An addition to sealing cracks along the base of the house, you may need to consider adding a few mice stations. These are traps that allow mice to enter and kill them with safely housed bait.

“If you’re out in a rural area with a lot of wooded areas, I would recommend one on each side of the house,” urged Summers.

Summers says this is also a great time to spray insect barrier protection. Low sunlight, temps, and moisture will help it to last into the spring. You should also keep firewood and dead leaves at a distance from the house to discourage insects and mice from seeking shelter near your house.