Vincennes City Fire Department bringing ‘Project Lifesaver’ to Vincennes and surrounding areas

(WTHI File Photo)
(WTHI File Photo)

VINCENNES, Ind. (WTHI) – The Vincennes City Fire Department is bringing the Project Lifesaver program to the city of Vincennes as well as the surrounding areas.

Project Lifesaver is a way to track and rescue those with cognitive conditions like Alzheimer’s, autism, Down Syndrome and dementia. This is a way to protect those who are at a risk of wandering.

The training involved in this program includes teaching public safety officials how to use the equipment and how to gain the trust as well as communicate with those who have wandered off.

Those who are enrolled in this program will wear a watch sized radio transmitter on their wrist or ankle. This radio will constantly emit a signal which can be tracked no matter where that person has wandered off to.

“When a loved one goes missing, caregivers notify locally trained agencies and they are dispatched to the wanderer’s area and the average rescue time remains around 30 minutes,” a press release from the Vincennes Fire Department stated.

For more information on this program, call the Vincennes Fire Department at (812) 882-2600.