Federal judge to issue written ruling within 24-hours in Frank Shahadey case

Federal courthouse located in downtown Indianapolis (WTHI photo, Jon Swaner)
Federal courthouse located in downtown Indianapolis (WTHI photo, Jon Swaner)

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. (WTHI) – Frank Shahadey appeared in federal court in Indianapolis on Wednesday to see if he would be detained or released. Now, the judge will issue a written ruling within 24-hours.

Shahadey, a 37-year-veteran with the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office, was arrested last week as well as Vigo County School Corporation Transportation Director Frank Fennell. Court documents revealed Shahadey resigned from the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office on November 8th.

Both Fennell and Shahadey face federal charges stemming from a kickback scheme between themselves and a vendor.

On Nov. 4, a magistrate judge ordered that Shahadey be released to wait for his trial date. However, on Monday, the U.S. Attorney’s Office appealed that decision.


During the hearing on Wednesday afternoon, new evidence was introduced by the U.S. Attorney’s Office as to why they believe Shahadey should be detained.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office claims Shahadey presented false information from his previous detention hearing.

That claim was made on 3/11/16 when Shahadey went to the home of a juvenile suspect with a firearm. Shahadey was with the vendor involved in the kickback scheme.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office then stated there was an incident at the Henderson County Jail in Kentucky where Shahadey is being held at this time. A man identified himself as a detective and went into a restricted area wanting to see Shahadey.

Officials report that card had a message from Shahadey’s family on it.

On the Defense’s side, they state Shahadey’s verbal threats were “hot air” or a “figure of speech.”

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*The linked documents have been edited to hide the identity of a witness named in the investigation*