Wabash Valley clerk proud of how her county turned out to vote


ROCKVILLE, Ind. (WTHI) – Rockville was peaceful Wednesday afternoon, But about 24 hours beforehand, the county hit the polls in a big way.

Parke County Clerk Diana Hazlett is pleased with how Election Day went in the county.

“Yeah, we had an excellent turnout,” Hazlett said. “I think we ended up with 20 percent on absentee voting, which was huge for us. And so then with that 53 percent at the polls that day.”

That’s right, 73 percent of Parke County’s 9,259 voters made their voices heard.

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Hazlett says it’s around a 20 percent increase from presidential elections not too long ago.

“If you look back to 2008, we had a total of 57 percent when Obama first ran,” Hazlett said. “So is it really that much larger? Absentee voting is, yes.”

Voters seem to have turned out across the Wabash Valley.

3 Illinois counties report more than 70 percent of their voters turned out.

Vigo County was the lowest in the area with 51 percent of voters hitting the polls.

Hazlett says in Parke County, she thinks a focus younger voters made a big difference.

“We’ve got a lot more of those to come out,” Hazlett said. “We’ve just got to continue that. We’ve got to be, you know, interactive with those kids and let them know what’s going on and keep them involved and I think that will help keep that momentum going.”

A momentum that Hazlett is happy to have as election season closes for this year.

“I am very proud of our community,” Hazlett said. “We had very few issues and people were very, very excited to be there.”

Hazlett reports they only had one precinct report potential issues with voting machines. She says they replaced them quickly and overall had a smooth election day.