CANDLES Museum hosts day of activities

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – A lot of exciting things happened at the CANDLES Holocaust Museum on Saturday.

The first was a workshop for high school students called “I Make a Difference: Transforming Words Into Action”.

20 students from the Wabash Valley came to discuss human rights issues and how to be a good leader, but that was just the first of the day’s activities.

“This program has compiled 15000 questions that was asked to this gentleman and he did this over 30 to 40 hours of filming time, in a very special studio called a light studio that’s been built into a program that responds to natural language processing,” Aaron Friedman, Development Association.

CANDLES is now home to the pilot program “New Dimensions in Testimony”. It’s a program by USC Shoah Foundation that allows visitors to ask questions to a virtual Holocaust survivor and get an actual response.

The program will eventually feature twelve survivors total, one of them being Eva Kor.