Exploding salad dressing causes damage to home


CASPER, WY (KRON) — Exploding salad dressing caused a few thousands of dollars in damage to a Wyoming home.

“I heard pop, pop, pop. I looked up, it was possessed. It was going crazy. It was shooting up in the air. To the side,” Divel McLean said.

McLean was preparing a salad at her friend’s house with her Dorthy Lynch salad dressing.

“It sounded like a firecracker going off in the house. How loud was this? Sound effects. Real loud,” she said.

It wasn’t until later that she found out her dressing had been recalled due to a bacteria in the product. The bacteria bubbles and causes foam to spew out.

The explosion caused damage to the carpet, walls, a computer, and her dress. She estimates the dressing caused $2,500 in total destruction.

CNN Newsource contributed to this report