Vigo County man accused of murdering his brother enters into plea deal

Mason Crockett en route to Vigo County court appearance (WTHI Photo)
Mason Crockett en route to Vigo County court appearance (WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – New details in the case of a Vigo County man accused of murdering his own brother.

According to the court, Mason Crockett has entered into a plea deal. This comes one day before he was scheduled to stand trial.

A Probable Cause Affidavit details the alleged moments leading up to the deadly sibling rivalry and the moments after.

Back in June, Vigo County Chief Deputy Moats reported the Vigo County Sheriff’s Office was, “currently working a death investigation.” Moats continued to say they were called to a residence on Estate Road for reports of a white, male suspect down in the yard.

The Vigo County Sheriff’s Office says the victim was Zachery Crockett. Autopsy results show Crockett died from a stab wound to the chest.

According to court documents, deputies received a call from Elizabeth Smith on Friday. Smith was requesting a welfare check be done on her son Zachery Crockett. She stated that Crockett lived at 5350 Estate Road Lot 36.

Smith told deputies she had received a call from her other son, Mason, around 2:30 a.m. on Friday. In that call, Mason reportedly said he got into a fight with his brother Zachery. Mason told his mother he had stabbed Zachery with his pocket-knife ‘until the knife would not go in any further.’

He stated that he stabled him while they were fighting between the trailers. Mason also said Zachery fell to the ground before he left.

Smith stated Mason told her that Zachery was ‘not his brother anymore.’

Detectives believe the motive was jealousy by both men being involved with the same woman.

Not much information is being released regarding the details of the plea deal. Crockett is scheduled to appear for a sentencing hearing on December 5th at 2:30 p.m.