Report released in death investigation of ISU student

Yiorgo Karnezis (photo credit: Karnezis family)
Yiorgo Karnezis (photo credit: Karnezis family)

CLARK COUNTY, IL. (WTHI) – We continue to follow devastating news coming out of the Sycamore community. New details are being released after the tragic death of an ISU student.

A report released by the Clark County Sheriff’s Office details the moments leading up to the death of Yiorgo Karnezis. This as what was supposed to be a night of fun, for the 18-year old freshmen, took an unexpected turn.

It happened at an overnight event on East Jones Road in Dennison, Illinois. Up to seventy people were at the private campground area on the night of October 23rd.

Despite what has become a whirl-wind of rumors, several witnesses stated they saw Karnezis get into a small boat under his own power. According to the report, he insisted on getting in.

However, two males told detectives they helped push the boat into the pond. Not long after, people began screaming the boat had flipped. Several students jumped in to find Karnezis but were unsuccessful.

Paris Fire & Dive Team located Karnezis at approximately 3:51 a.m. He was then brought to shore and lifesaving efforts were began by EMS. The victim was then transported by Marshall Ambulance to Regional Hospital in Terre Haute. Karnezis was pronounced dead at approximately 6:07 a.m. eastern time.

The Clark County Sheriff’s Office has ruled “no crime was committed.” Based on witness interviews it appears the incident is consistent with an “accidental drowning.”

Detectives noticed numerous people had varying levels of intoxication. Opinions differed as to how much alcohol Karnezis had consumed that night. The Coroner’s Office tells News 10 toxicology reports are pending.

The university said their investigation into the conduct of members of Sigma Chi Fraternity is on-going. The campus chapter is still suspended until further notice.