“It’s time to really set things straight.” Local pediatric department requiring patient vaccines


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Child vaccinations have become a controversial topic in recent years.

But with a change in the works, one local health clinic is having that important discussion with parents.

That’s UAP Clinic’s Pediatric Department.

Dr. Philip Reed says, “We’ve kind of reached the point where I think it’s time to really set things straight.”

The clinic says their efforts to get children vaccinated after spending more than a decade trying to reverse the rise of vaccine refusals has been unsuccessful.

Reed says, “The vaccines serve a very good purpose and they’ve changed the way we practice medicine dramatically. Because, the kids just don’t get as sick as they used to anymore. These illnesses, the vaccines are for viruses and bacterial infections that used to cause really grave harm to children and sometimes children died from these infections.”

Reed thinks a study linking the MMR vaccine to autism is to blame for the negative stigma parents have concerning Vaccines.

He says, “I think that’s what started all of the trend in parents wanting to decline vaccines or wanting to change the vaccine schedule and, it’s based on bad information.”

The doctor says it’s most important to make sure you have reliable sources when trying to decide if your child will get a vaccine, or not.”

Reed says, “Go to the CDC website or the AAP website, the American Academy of Pediatrics website or the NIH website. So, very good websites for finding out vaccine information.”

The bottom line for Reed and the Pediatric Department is making sure they’re not putting any of the patients at risk.

Reed says, “If you start getting a large number of people that don’t want to vaccinate, then these diseases are going to show up again. They’re not gone just because we don’t see them. We don’t see them because of the vaccinations that we’re doing.”

Reed says he could see this policy spreading to other clinics in the future.

The policy change for UAP Clinic’s Pediatric Department takes effect December 1st.

It’s only for patients in the Pediatric Department.

Current patients will continue to be treated no matter the vaccination status.

But, any new child coming to the clinic is expected to be vaccinated.

If you have questions or want more information, you can contact the department at (812) 242-3105.