“Our goal is to get them all” Street paving project in Brazil moving along smoothly

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

BRAZIL, Ind. (WTHI) – Seasons change along with the scenery. In Brazil, the leaves aren’t the only thing you’ll notice.

“Some people may be thinking what a time to be doing our city streets, but why not?” said Mayor Brian Wyndham.

You’re probably all too familiar with the U.S. 40 project happening in the city, but that’s not the only thing keeping crews busy.

“We’ve tried to take a pretty aggressive approach at paving our city streets,” Wyndham said.

For quite some time, residents have voiced their concerns about the condition of city streets. Mayor Wyndham says they’ve acted on the concerns and have continued to repave the local streets as part of their own road project. He says work on the streets hasn’t been done in the past 30 years.

“It’s a large part of our community,” he said, “It helps curb appeal, it helps value of not only the people that live on those streets, it also is added value to the city.”

As of now, Wyndham says phase two of the project is wrapping up for the season. He says drivers will be able to notice a difference on the southwest side of the city. So far, about 30 miles of street has been paved. Wyndham says there’s roughly about 50 miles within city limits.

“Our community has tackled this problem,” he said, “It’s their streets and they’ve stepped forward and taken the responsibility to fix, repair and replace them.”

Through bond leasing, crews will continue on with the next phase of the project in the spring for $1.2 million. Wyndham says work will consist of paving on the city’s north end of town, including Hendrix street.

“Hendrix Street is one of our major collectors here,” he said, “It’s almost like the bypass of the north side of Brazil. That street there will be done in the next phase, and that’s kind of an expensive one, quarter of a million dollars just to do that street.”

However, the streets aren’t the only thing being fixed up. Wyndham says they also have sights on improving other issues.

“There’s some money left in that bonding money that we have,” he said, “Not only are we looking at streets though, there’s some corridors, we have sidewalk issues and things like that. You’ll see us doing a lot of sidewalk work, hopefully that will take off in the spring also.”

While it looks like the city is continuing to accomplish a lot, Wyndham says there is still more work to be done. While no official timeline has been set, they plan to do whatever they can and when they can.

“After we get this done in the Spring, that’s not going to finish up every street, there’s still going to be more needed done,” he said, “So we’ll attack those with money as we get it, and there’s obviously a wheel tax in place that will help keep moving forward on paving these streets. Our goal is to get them all, and I think we’ll achieve that at some point, but we’ll do some every year.”