Two major road projects race to finish before end of construction season


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – By now drivers are probably used to restrictions when it comes to driving in the Wabash Valley.

U.S. 40 in Brazil has been a construction zone for quite a while.

Debbie Calder with INDOT says on any given day, 8 crews are working hard to get that road open.

“They have the east end done, down by Walmart,” Calder said. “They uh, plan this week to place the final layer of asphalt and then hopefully next week prior to the holiday to get the permanent pavement markings down. So there’s definitely a lot of work underway.”

The U.S. 40 project in Brazil is a $20 million project, and the good news for Brazil drivers is this is the last big portion of this project.

“As far as traffic and being back to normal, probably until about the first of December,” Calder said. “We still have some seeding, or I’m sorry, placing sod, they’re still installing the lights.”

Another major project crews continue to work on is the 641 Bypass Project.

Calder says asphalt companies stay open into December, so crews will really have to only battle potentially falling temperatures as they race to the finish line.

“They’re doing everything they can do get the final pavement done on that project,” Calder said. “We have some actual concrete barrier wall going in on one of the bridges this week. So there’s a lot of work still to be done, but trying to get things wrapped up so we can get that bypass open by probably mid-December.”

Calder says with both projects, INDOT crews will continue to do minor projects on them throughout the winter.