3 years later: tornado touchdown in Knox, Daviess counties


KNOX COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – While it’s not uncommon to see severe weather in mid-November, the chances of a tornado are pretty slim. That changed on this day in 2013.

A tornado outbreak ripped across the state with the National Weather Service recording 30 incidents alone.

In Knox County, the National Weather Service confirmed the touchdown of an EF-2 tornado near Decker. In that area, the tornado and subsequent storm damaged several homes in a rural area just off of highway 41. Several of the homes would later be demolished. Others were repaired. 3 years later, some homes remain damaged with the occupants leaving everything behind.

In Daviess County, on that same dark Sunday, the National Weather Service confirmed another touchdown. This EF-2 twister, took a direct hit near the Main Street area. Several homes were destroyed; one home was lifted from its foundation blocks and moved a few feet away. A daycare, a restaurant and several residential structures were damaged.

The damage caught the attention of county, state and federal lawmakers, who toured the damage just days after the tornado touched down. According the National Weather Service Indianapolis Office, “This number of tornadoes for the entire state is the largest outbreak for November in recorded history for Indiana, and the second largest outbreak in state history for any month.”

Tornadoes were also reported in several other states.