Terre Haute mother shines light on dangerous intersection


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Traffic blowing through a red flashing light at 25th Street and Wallace Avenue in Terre Haute has a mother seeking action.

Jessie Uchytil sets up a camera to capture what’s taking place at the intersection on a regular basis.

What she finds is car after car blowing through the red lights when they should be stopping.
A situation Uchytil finds frustrating.

“You’re driving through a residential area,” Uchytil said. “People live here. There are no businesses here. This is all homes. Kids run across the street and play with neighbors here. And we just want to make sure that it’s as safe as possible before something tragic happens like it did 40 years ago.”

Uchytil says the light was originally put up when a young boy was hit and killed in the area back in October of 1976.

She says the light was recently changed from yellow to red but says that hasn’t seemed to change anything.

“It’s supposed to act as a three way stop, and people aren’t obeying the three way stop,” Uchytil said. “And it’s also a very unique intersection because there are actually two stops and two separate intersections and some people are stopping at one, some aren’t stopping at the other, and some are just not stopping at all.”

Uchytil says she’s witnessed as many as 50 cars run the lights in a 15 minute time span.

Uchytil says she’s suggested things like speed bumps or even permanent stop signs be put in.
She adds she feels as if drivers in the area have become complacent with the area as the red lights are only on before and after school.

She’s taking the safety issue to city council in hopes that a change will be made.

“I’m going to maintain recording the intersection, and making sure that it’s being recorded, that there is somebody knowing that this is happening and there’s proof,” Uchytil said.

Uchytil and her husband are actually going to become crossing guards for the intersection.
She says they are afraid for their own safety, but want to ensure any kids crossing are safe.

The intersection is a topic listed to be talked about by city council next month.

News 10 will of course continue to follow this story and update it when possible.