Watch: High-speed in Indianapolis chase ends in crash


INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department officers took a suspect into custody following a high speed chase on the city’s northwest side.

Chopper 8 caught up with the chase near 71st Street and Michigan Road. Officers at the time were attempting to force the vehicle to stop by spinning the female driver out.

Breana Greer was arrested by IMPD. (Provided Photo/IMPD)
Breana Greer was arrested by IMPD. (Provided Photo/IMPD)

The vehicle was stopped once during the chase but kept going. Chopper 8 said at least 15 IMPD cars were involved.

IMPD dispatchers say the chase started at 86th Street and Michigan Road.

The car was finally blocked by officers near 56th Street and Northland Road.

According to IMPD, the suspect Breana Greer, made workers at a Hardee’s uneasy. The employees called the 9-1-1, because they believed Greer was trying to rob them. Officers arrived and confronted Greer, that is when police say she ran over an officer’s foot and the chase started. WISH-TV Chopper Pilot Keith McCutchen says Greer reached speeds estimated at 100 mph. It took several stop sticks, and pit maneuvers to get her to stop.

She was arrested, and no one was seriously injured.

Currently Chief Troy Riggs is in the process of changing IMPD’s pursuit policy, 24-Hour News 8, is learning those details could come down in the coming weeks. Shortly after Riggs was sworn in as chief, he stated he wanted to make changes to IMPD’s pursuit policy to ensure residents would be safer.

In July of 2015, a man stolen a pair of jeans at Wal-Mart. He led police on a chase, IMPD eventually called off the pursuit. It would be too late, the suspect crashed into a pickup truck killing a 63-year-old Donna Niblock.

The changes to the policy once the details are announced are designed to make residents in Indianapolis safer, when IMPD is in pursuit of a suspect. Some of those changes could include not pursing minor offenders who speed off in a car.