Medical care accessible with unique technology


CLINTON, Ind. (WTHI) – There’s a national shortage of doctors and nurses in the United States according to the American Nurses Association.

Thanks to video technology at Union Hospital in Clinton, IN having access to a doctor at all times is possible.

Registered nurses like Hannah Hoover stay busy in the Emergency Department. Live video technology allows her to help her patients faster than ever.

“I didn’t realize that union hospital is just one of six to receive grants for this type of technology,” said Hoover.

With the help of a nurse, patients use a live video to talk to a doctor about their medical conditions. The video consultations are used primarily for neurology and mental health disorders in the Emergency Department.

“That makes them healthier just knowing their behavior has been evaluated,” said Hoover.

The doctors could be across the country but they’re able to consult with a patient in Clinton.

“They’re talking to a psychologist within an hour to an hour and a half as opposed to waiting four, five, six, or 10 hours before they might see somebody,” said registered nurse, Larry Addison.

Every second counts in the medical world. This technology saves time. If a patient is suffering from a stroke, this tool allows them to immediately see a neurologist for medical advice.

“They will tell us this patient needs this medicine and we can reverse that stroke within a matter of minutes of giving that medication,” said Addison. “What a great thing to not live the rest of your life with stroke symptoms.”

“The fact that we’re the only one to use it for behavioral health, to me that’s really interesting to me to know we’re trying to do a lot to help our community,” said Hoover.

So far this unique technology has helped over 5,000 patients in the Wabash Valley.

“Imagine the quality of life, it’s amazing,” said Addison.

It’s changing medical care in the community, ensuring all patients receive the best healthcare.