Vigo County sees recount of 40,000 votes


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – On Friday, Candidate Raeanna Moore filed for a recount for the Division One judge race in Vigo County.

This will be a manual recount of over 40,000 votes.

Judge Joe Trout from Clay County has been appointed to execute the process. According to the Vigo County Clerk’s Office, Trout has until Wednesday to appoint a committee.

The panel will be comprised of three people from Vigo County. One republican, one democrat and one person who is familiar with the voting software.

Judge Trout told News 10 he has reached out to both the Republican and Democratic Party leaders in Vigo County. They will recommend a person from each party to fill the position.

The judge will also determine how many people are needed to count the votes.

“I think he will probably tell us everything we need to do,” said Vigo County Clerk Dave Crockett. “Once he appoints that panel I’m not sure how much involvement the Clerk’s Office will have.”

The Indiana Election Division told news 10 this recount will likely take a few weeks to complete.

Dave Crockett, Judge Trout and the Indiana Election Division all say the cost of this recount can’t be determined until they near the end.

So far, Candidate Raeanna Moore has paid $870 to file the recount request according to the Clerk’s Office. The price tag of what taxpayers will spend and where this money will come from is still undetermined.

The recount must be completed by December 20 unless the judge orders for an extension.

News 10 will continue to bring you updates as this recount progresses.