Crows dominate the Terre Haute sky once again


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Take a look at the evening sky in Terre Haute and it’s not hard to miss the big black birds that have made their way back to the city.

Something Jamie Hughes with Code Enforcement says happens every year around this time.

“They come in every evening,” Hughes said. “So we are out every evening trying to disperse them from staying in one area.”

Code enforcement operates what they call “crow patrol” to move the birds around.

Hughes says they’ve talked with other cities that have crow problems, and the tools they’re using here are the same things those cities are using too.

“We use the green laser and I prefer that the best,” Hughes said. “But now we have crow bangers and it’s just a thing, it’s a little gun and we put a cap in it and it just makes a boom sound.”

In years past, code enforcement has had help from the public in their crow patrol.

This year they’re keeping it an internal operation, but there are things you can do at your own home to help deal with the problem.

“Keep their lids closed on their trash cans,” Hughes said. “Just keep the trash around their property picked up. And the back of people’s trucks, if you have any kind of household trash in there.”

The mess the crows leave behind is evident, but Hughes wants to assure the public they’re doing everything they can to deal with the birds’ takeover.

“We have somebody out there every night trying to take care of the issue,” Hughes said.

Hughes says crow patrol is out for a couple of hours every evening trying to fight the problem.

The crows are typically around until March until they migrate back to Minnesota.