Student makes huge turkey out of recycled materials

mclean high school turkey
mclean high school turkey

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – One student took a recent art project to a whole new level, and just in time for Thanksgiving.

“I made it out of newspaper.” Skyler Kane refers to a rather large turkey he made earlier this school year at McLean High School.

“The skeleton for the thing is a chair,” Skyler said, “and I made a body for it using chicken wire and paper mache.”

At the time Skyler came up with this idea, he was taking McLean’s newspaper class. He’s also the student council president. He wanted to do something to lift the morale of his school.

“What’s more iconic than the Thanksgiving turkey!” Skyler said, when asked “why a turkey?”

Skyler credits his father for the idea of the project (he made an elephant at their church using the same technique). With tons of newspaper to be recycled, and the “green” light from the school, you can say this turkey “gobbled” up a lot of Skyler’s spare time. Before long, the whole school was “clucking” about the turkey. But Skyler has a much higher goal.  He hopes this turkey inspires his fellow students, some of whom may be down on their luck. Many students come to McLean because the traditional school setting doesn’t work for them.  For this reason, Skyler and others at McLean feel their school is misunderstood.

Skyler calls this turkey his final contribution to his school, “an awesome school” in his book, one for which he is very thankful.

“People that go here know this is their second chance,” Skyler said. “This is their chance to make every wrong right, and people here take advantage of that. So we have a stronger body of students here who all agree and know that we’re here for one thing, and that is to graduate high school.”

Skyler graduated this past trimester.

So perhaps his parting gift to McLean will serve as a to its students to be thankful, not just at the holidays but the entire school year. Be thankful for an opportunity which can shape the rest of your life.