Dunkin’ Donuts opens to long line of customers

Dunkin Donuts

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – We’re used to seeing long lines no Black Friday.  Perhaps we’re not used to seeing them at 4 a.m. outside of a coffee and donut shot.  Such was the case on Black Friday 2016, as Terre Haute welcomed its first Dunkin Donuts in nearly two decades.

Cassie Compton told us, “She was so hyped about Dunkin Donuts coming to town,” when talking about her friend, Emily Kerr, who told us, “I wanted to try it out!”

Those at the front of a long line waiting to get into the new Dunkin Donuts told us they were motivated by a promotion: free coffee once a week for a year to the first 25 in line.  Also, the first 500 in line received a free refillable Dunkin mug that costs on 99 cents to fill.

Jennifer Fagg’s group waited the longest: “We just make our other runs then got in line around 11, 11:30.”

If you can remember “Time to Make the Donuts,” then you can remember Terre Haute’s previous stint with Dunkin Donuts, it’s last location at 2801 South 3rd Street back in 2000 (according to phone book listings). The time to make the donuts for Black Friday’s opening was 7 p.m. the night before.  The bakers told us they baked 450 dozen donuts in preparations for today’s big opening.

“It’s been a long night for them,” said Mark McCreery, one of the five partners who operate this locally-owned franchise.

Both McCreery and new customers agree Dunkin stands a better chance for success this time around in the Haute.

“It’s far different today,” McCreery said, pointing out Dunkin’s business model is much different in 2016 than it was in 2000.

“I think it’s something people want back now,” said Cassie.