Small Business Saturday shines light on local stores


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Today the shops downtown Terre Haute were filled with customers. All this local spending is thanks to Small Business Saturday.

It’s a national campaign that started six years ago, encouraging customers to support their local entrepreneurs.

“It’s such a big day for us,” said Millie and Maude Boutique owner, Lori Mitchell.

Small business owners like Lori can barely step away from their registers today.

“It’s good to get new customers this way and then I see a lot of my regulars or maybe customers I haven’t seen in a few months so it really kicks off the holiday season for us,” said Mitchell.”

Local shops are greeted with customers looking to reinvest in their city.

“If you spend at small businesses then those people will more likely keep that money local,” said Mitchell.

Down the road at The French Hen, owner Allison Layton takes pride in her homemade products.

“About half of it, we make ourselves,” said Layton.

She and her husband repurpose tables and create artwork out of their own home.

“This Small Business Saturday not only helps the economy, the community, it helps my family,” said Mitchell.

“That relationship is the best thing,” said Corey’s Fine Footer Manager, Andrew Rossington.

All the shops focus on personal attention to each customer.

“I think that same pride is taken into account in all your locally owned businesses,” said Rossington.

Pam Malone did her part in giving back to Terre Haute today. So much so that she made sure to buy something at each boutique.

“I love to shop small. They have such unique things and I love the boutiques and it’s important to support our local boutiques,” said Malone.

The products are unique.

“It’s homemade from a family. It’s like from our family to yours,” said Layton.

The relationships are one-of-a-kind too.

“When you come into small businesses like mine, we do remember names and we do remember what those people like and dislike,” said Mitchell.

“Indiana has a place called Terre Haute that’s a big small town. That’s what we are,” said Rossington. “It’s a nice place and we just hope to keep nurturing it into a better and better city.”