Owners can still see their dogs while on vacation

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Heading out for the holidays can mean leaving your fur-children at home.

But just because you’re miles away, doesn’t mean you can’t still “see them.”

The future is now at Ollie and Viv’s Canine Campus in Terre Haute.

Co-Owner Tom Kuhl says, “As of Monday we have our online doggie cameras that are actually functioning.”

Through an application that can be downloaded on your phone, owners can see their boarded dogs from miles and miles away.

Kuhl says, “The people who are on vacation right now, even though the business itself, we’re closed today, they’ll be able to view their dogs on the webcam. Whether they’re playing or sleeping they can see their dogs and check on them. It will give them piece of mind. ”

Ollie and Viv’s Canine Campus just opened in November.

But, it’s already filling a unique niche in the Wabash Valley.

Kuhl says, “We have had several people come in and say, this community has need this so much for so long and we’re so excited that you guys decided to do this here. Honestly, you do not have anything like this in the Wabash Valley.”

So far, the business is getting a thumbs up with canine owners.

Kuhl recalls, “I’ve already had several calls for the people who are boarding their dogs here. Calling up and saying, ‘I’m watching my dog on the doggie cam. I just wanted to know how everything is going if she’s doing okay?’ and we say, ‘They’re doing okay.’ We love it.”

Because at the end of the day, a vacation without your pet just isn’t complete.

Kuhl says, “I think the webcam access is going to be the hit. People can watch their dogs. Today, pets are kids. They’re our family. They’re not just animals anymore.”

Ollie and Viv’s Canine Campus will be holding an open house and ribbon cutting to welcome in the community.

Kuhl says that’s being held December 8th.