Local business cashing in on cyber sales for holiday season

(WTHI Photo)
(WTHI Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – For Ian Titus, a day at work comes with a lot of strings.

“We’re known as like the string experts,” said Titus, “So when people have racquet problems with grips, or lengths or customizing, a lot of that we do.”

It’s no secret that retailers are busy this time of year, including Titus and his staff at Lawler Sports.

“Holiday season generally picks up for us, probably midway through November and even carries over into maybe a week after the holidays,” he said.

However, many holiday shoppers are choosing to avoid going to the stores. According to data on Fortune.com, experts predict shoppers to spend a record $3.36 billion in online sales, that’s almost 10 percent more than last year’s holiday.

To Titus, that’s great news for Lawler Sports.

“Most people think a lot of what we do is in town,” he said, “but actually 90 percent of our business is out of state and on the internet.”

Online shopping is a huge benefit to the business, Titus says they’ve been racking up about 20 to 30 orders per day. While the online business is good, he says it has its challenges.

“A lot of our expertise is not in, lets say marketing or reaching out, so a lot of that we’ve gotten help from other people or we almost hire people to do that for us sometimes because online is such a huge, huge pool,” he said, “It’s different because it’s easier for us to do our business kind of in person when you’re talking about customizing. Trying to do that online, you lose a little bit of the interaction that kind of helps with keeping a customer or helping them.”

The online pool is only going to get bigger. As the holidays creep up, Titus says his team has no plans of losing momentum. They’ll be keeping up with the virtual trends all season long.

“You see more of a shift every year, more online sales,” he said, “We’re a small operation, but we work hard. We never tend to be too overworked. If a lot of orders are coming in, we get in a couple of hours early and leave a couple of hours late.”