Help your skin stay healthy in cold weather


TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – When cold weather arrives the battle begins. That’s the struggle to keep smooth and healthy skin in the dryness of winter.

Using ointments, lotions, chap-sticks, and creams are a good idea, as they all help your skin retain moisture. The natural oils that your skin produce also act as a water retaining barrier. Union Medical Group Nurse Practitioner Katherine Tucker says protecting these oils are essential.

“Things to do to prevent the loss of those oils are: avoid frequent bathing, or hot bathing, avoid products that contain alcohol, or are clay based are good things to avoid,” explained Tucker.

Steering clear of clay-based make-up products can help keep your skin feeling comfortable. Avoiding frequent hand washing can also help keep those essential skin oils intact. The same goes for overly long showers.

Exfoliating allows for more moisture to enter the skin, but doing it too often can be harmful.

“The exfoliation scrapes off some of those skin cells,” said Tucker. “Then you immediately want to follow it with an ointment or moisture.”

Citrus fruits can help get you the right nutrition for healthy skin as can leafy greens like spinach. Six to eight glasses of water a day can help give you the proper water content.

In addition to lotions, you should also wear 30 spf sunscreen or higher (yes, even during the winter) to help shield harmful sunlight.