Social event privileges of all ISU fraternities revoked until further notice

(WTHI File Photo)
(WTHI File Photo)

TERRE HAUTE, Ind. (WTHI) – Of course, socializing is a big part of being on campus, especially for members of Greek Life. Brooks Moore, Associate Vice President of Student Affairs, tells News 10 changes could be on the horizon for fraternities at Indiana State University.

A letter was recently sent to chapter presidents. It reads, “All social functions involving member fraternities at ISU have been revoked. This includes events with or without alcohol present.”

“The fraternity men decided to take that break and say let’s really focus back in on what our organizations are about and prepare successfully to the end of the semester,” said Brooks.

The decision, by the Interfraternity Council, follows the death of Yiorgo Karnezis. The freshman accidentally drown during an overnight event hosted by his fraternity, Sigma Chi.

The restriction is also a result of several dangerous incidents. Which include fighting, underage drinking, and an uptick in hospital transports. “Anytime the students take the lead on addressing concerning behavior it’s much more impactful than any administrative or university action that can occur,” said Brooks.

It’s uncertain when the restriction will be lifted. In the mean-time, a leadership task force plans to move forward with a new bylaw to establish an effective way to monitor social functions.

“We’ll continue to work and support there holistic development, from social to service, to philanthropy, and scholarship, so that organizations that do host social events can do it a fun, safe environment,” said Brooks.

Following the death of Karnezis, the university launched an investigation into the conduct of the members of Sigma Chi. The chapter is no longer on suspension. However, they are now on probation until March of 2018.