Parke County Detective successfully administers Narcan for a heroin overdose

WISH-TV photo: Needle that contains Narcan.
WISH-TV photo: Needle that contains Narcan.

PARKE COUNTY, Ind. (WTHI) – A Parke County Sheriff’s Detective successfully administered Narcan on Thanksgiving Day after 911 call about subjects overdosed on heroin.

The call was around 5 a.m. and stated there were two males overdosed outside a residence in Montezuma.

When the Detective arrived he found one male unresponsive on the ground, not breathing with a weak pulse. A second subject was also located but had not used any drugs and was not suffering from any opiate effects.

The Detective administered Narcan and began CPR as additional first responders arrived on scene.

“Due to the actions of Detective  Pivowar and his administering of the Narcan and treatment efforts of responding personnel, the subject regained cardiac activity and was revived in the ambulance a few minutes later,” a press release stated.

The Parke County Sheriff’s Office reports the subject was transported to Union Hospital in Clinton and was discharged the next day.

Syringes were also recovered at the scene and officials report this is an ongoing investigation.

Since the Parke County Sheriff’s Office began carrying Narcan int he summer of 2015, this is the fourth time Narcan has been successfully used in the line of duty for heroin overdoses. A grant was provided by the Parke County Local Coordinating Council provided the funding for the Narcan kits.